Limoncello Liquor Recipe

General liquor information then came the turn recipes, the Limoncello, which is unique to the Italians that I will share with you the recipe of lemon liquor. Limoncello may be harder to drink due to the acid it contains than other fruit liqueurs. If it comes hard, you can add some more water after adding a strip.

Limoncello Liquor Bottles

Lemon Liqueur Ingredients:

  • 1 lt ethyl alcohol (96°)
  • 10 large lemons
  • 600-650 gr sugar
  • 1.5 l of natural water without acid

* The average alcohol level of our liquor is 30-35.

Preparation Of Lemon Liqueur:
  1. You can rub our lemons and wash them. Finely peel their shells. You can easily separate the shells with a potato peeler. Be careful not to cut off the White parts when leaving, otherwise the bitterness will add up. 
  2. We peel the shells together with ethyl alcohol into an empty big jar with a lid. If there are no large jars, we share the small jars with ethyl alcohol proportionally and share the lemon rind.
    Limoncello Yapımı
    Limoncello Recipe
  3. We close our jars tightly and wait a week in a dark environment. 
  4. For a week and a day, we shake the jar together. 
  5. Portakal Kokteyli
    Limoncello and Orangello
    At the end of a week, we bring 1.5 liters of drinking water to boiling point and add sugar. We mix it until the sugar melts and cover the gold. There is no need to simmer too much sugar will be enough to Melt. Thoroughly and leave to cool. 
  6. After cooling our sherbet, we remove the shells from our ethyl alcohol mixture, which has taken all the color and aroma of the lemon, and add it to our sherbet. 
  7. We put about 3 litres of liquor in glass bottles and store it in a dark place. 
  8. You can now consume it cold or at room temperature without waiting. 
Although Italians consume Limoncello on top of meals in general, it can also be preferred before meals. Or it can be added to cocktails, adding flavor to desserts, ice creams. You can also make cocktails with mint and orange liqueur, which I'll give you later. My preference is a cocktail of lemon, mint and orange liqueur, especially in the summer. :)

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